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As Mayor of our City of Wautoma from 2005-2007 we were
able to accomplish a lot of positive things.

-Fair street was fixed.  Instead of spending $500,000 for curb
and gutter and sidewalks, we got the County Highway Dept. to
redo it with a walking lane for about $50,000.
-Stoneridge became part of our community.  We actively tried
to get Walgreens and Tractor Supply but the slow economy
was showing itself already back then.
-The Stop Signs on Division and Townline were reversed.  
Doesn't seem like much but many people have told me how
big an improvement that was.

-We spent many meetings reasoning with the Wisconsin Dept.
of Transportation to cooperate on changing our Main Street
back to two lanes to enhance the ability of the downtown to
thrive.  They did give us a price on renting the outside two
lanes for parking, like it used to be.  This is a huge
undertaking and it has been on hold for the last two years.  No
matter what happens, safety has to be uppermost in our
planning.  While those businesses on Main are sitting empty,
they are not paying the taxes they would be paying if they
were thriving.  Some say that nothing can be done to bring
back the Main Street area-Boloney!!!  I have driven through
any number of small towns across the country like ours and
they are making it.  Being rural is an advantage.  If we were
closer to a bigger city we would have less hope of recovery.  
But attractive stores here, not 45 miles from here, would be a
huge asset.  Those stores will not come with the highway the
way it is.
Why is the City Spending
Money on Pickle Row??
About the time that Main Street was developed into the
disaster it turned out to be, a large part of the eastern end
of that street needed to be drained.  The curb and gutter
was piped into a pond dug on the east side of Pickle Row.

I had just bought my house east of where this pond was to
be dug.  The very first year after constructing this pond and
the drainage off Main, we had a rather large amount of
rain.  The pond filled above capacity and all the houses on
our road ended up with water in our basements due to high
ground water.

I called the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation and was
informed that when the project was designed, the elevation
of the basements in the area had not been taken into

I complained, then became Mayor and knew better than
complain too much.  Then CAP Services complained and it
seems as though everyone was willing to move heaven and
earth to solve the high water problem.

Which brings us up to today.  Last year the City Council
voted to engineer a solution to the problem and it was
decided to run a drain from this pond down Pickle Row to
the parking lot west of the fairgrounds.  From there the
water would drain into the White River.

This is great except for who will end up paying for it.  This is
an expensive project.  The City Council voted to spend
$300,000 city taxpayer dollars along with other grants etc.
to complete the project when the DOT should have paid this
bill.  They were the ones that messed up from the
beginning.  Mayor Blaszczyk agreed with the council.  I
voted against.

The people in the City of Wautoma shouldn't have to pay for
the Dept. of Transportation's mistakes.
Wautoma Main Street
Looking west from St. Marie
circa 1910
Why Would I
Want to Be Mayor
Sit back and let me tell you a little story.

In 1981 my wife and I bought the family farm and started
milking cows again.  We also had a Sawmill and small
furniture shop if the cows didn't keep me busy.

I had been on the Dakota Town Board and Chairman for
about 4 years.  My wife and I decided we were blessed
and it was time to stop just pew warming in Church and
actually do something.  I had been teaching High School,
particularly high risk Seniors so the idea now of taking in
an older Foster Child seemed a match.

One teen Foster Child led to two, then three and finally
four.  We had four of our own so the supper table was
somewhat full.

Cut to June, 1984.  One of the older boys got into a fight
and like always, instead of spraying corn, I got to break it
up.  The guilty boy, somewhat ticked at me decided to get
even and teach me a little lesson.  He started a barn on
fire.  That fire spread to the other barn, a machine shed,
other buildings and almost took our house.  All of our
young stock died, I lost all my small tools and some
machinery as well as all of our cattle housing was gone.

It didn't take long to find out that this boy was deemed to
be a member of our household even if he had been
placed with us by Human Services and the Courts.  Every
state homeowner insurance policy will not cover arson
committed by a member of the household so our
insurance didn't cover anything.  There was a small State
insurance coverage, not enough to even cover the feed

We fought as best we could.  The State even passed an
Act awarding us some cash but it was too little too late
and we lost the farm that had been in the family since

I made a vow to myself that the government, at any level,
would never turn their back on anyone in a similar
situation if I could do anything about it.  

I have continued to hold as many offices as I could ever
since.  Many votes have been taken where I have acted
alone to protect someone that was being taken
advantage of some branch of government.  Believe me,
there have been many.

This has indeed been a costly venture but you do what
you have to do.
Wagner for
It Can Be Done- Get On Board
Wagner on April 2nd
Remember the         
Why am I bringing this up again.  I remember the old
saying "those that cannot remember history are
doomed to repeat it."  I can't help but recall the jabs
that I got along with Don Buchanon for trying to stop
the subdivision project northeast of Pamida.  It was
going to be the such a good thing for the City.  
Ordinances were ignored, promises made as to how
fast it was going to grow and the City was to get it's
investment back in no time.  The City probably spent
$400,000 on the roads, utilities etc. and for what.  Four
houses were built.  It was foreclosed on and will be a
City liability for years.  
It could have been a
real asset to the City if conditions
would have been set and contractor
installed utilities installed.  Ask the
council members that voted for it what
went wrong.  We are still paying for it.
"Those that cannot remember their
are Doomed to repeat it"
Marv talking with Dave
Anderson, congressman's
Petri's Aid and Secretary
to the Wisconsin
Republican Party
Marv is an active board
member of the Tri County
Threshermen's Association
The Mayor must take an active role in running the City
I would like to thank each and every one of you that have supported me over the years.  As
Town Chairman, County Supervisor, City Alderman and Mayor, I have always done that which
protected you from your Government.  Our founding fathers demanded that and I don't think
that it is too idealistic to continue to demand that same thing of ourselves and our leaders.
April 2nd
Wagner for Mayor
I'm simply asking for your support!!